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Mission Statement:
Helping people find the right solutions for their pet so that as their pet progresses through life’s changes and challenges, both you and your pet can enjoy the richest quality of life that you desire, and will treasure.

Why Shop at Global Pet Foods?

  • Friendly, knowledgeable staff. Come and discuss your pet's specific concerns with us. Do you have a dog or cat that has a very "selective palate", is hypoallergenic, or cannot tolerate a particular protein? Come talk to us. We would love to help you successfully meet the nutritional and health needs of your pet!
  • Options, options, options! We carry a wide variety of holistic dog and cat foods and three lines of frozen raw food diets. We also have a large selection of treats, toys, supplements, and accessories.
  • Don't forget your bird and small animal friends! We have a wide range of bird and small animal foods, fish food and water treatment supplies, a variety of lamps for reptiles and frozen mice.
  • Earn FREE food. With our frequent buyer program, you will get a FREE bag of food after a purchase of 10 or 12 bags of dry cat or dog food (brand specific). Free Food Card
  • More than 160 stores across Canada, and growing! So if you are traveling with your pet or moving, you can find what you need.
  • AirMiles for participating card holders. One AirMile is offered for every $15 purchased. Watch for AirMiles specials throughout the year.

Come in and visit us today!

Premium Pet Food

Dog Food

At Global Pet Foods, we carry only premium pet foods and treats. These are not the same "premium" foods that you see in grocery stores. Compare the ingredients. None of the many diverse food lines that we carry have any by-product (chicken feet, fish heads, etc.), nor do they have an artificial preservative called ethoxyquin (ethoxyquin is actually a pesticide, and can cause seizures and cancer in pets).

Cat Food

For many of us, our pets are members of our family. Feeding them a premium pet food can decrease the amount that they eat (and consequently what we have to pick up), and decrease the number of visits to the vet. This will save you money in the long term, as well as result in a healthier, happier pet.

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A number of the premium pet foods we carry are made in Canada. Some of these include: Orijen, Acana, Nature's Harvest, Go!, Now! and Oven Baked Parallel. Two of our raw food lines are also Canadian made. Other premium brands that use Canadian sourced ingredients include: Healthwise, Innova, EVO, and California Natural.

Please visit our products section for a complete listing of our dog and cat foods.

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